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Getting turbines in proportion

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The picture herewith shows the Lynn turbine aside a scaled version of the turbines planned for Kingstreet!!!  Click the image if you wish to see the image in its full glory. Please comment your views would be much appreciated. »

Turn them off – Windfarms to be paid even when the wind blows

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Due to the fact that wind farms generate power in an unpredictable manner, the national grid fears that on breezy summer nights that the turbines could cause a surge in electricity.  Due to the fact the electricity cannot be stored one way of dealing with the dilemma is to switch them off. Read original... »

How wind-farms can make you rich, not necessarily green.

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Without sounding sceptical, it is important to evaluate the actual cost vs benefit argument when looking into renewable energies. This article tells the facts about a self declared former hippy who is now making millions due to his growing Wind-Farm empire. The below link to the original article from the Independent is definetly worth... »